We continue to keep the safety and wellbeing of our customers and team members at the forefront of our thinking. We want to let you know more about what our park is doing in response to COVID-19.

Our Commitment

Rest assured, we are committed to the safety of all our guests, team and visitors. We are committed to working with you to make any adjustments to your reservations, in line with the required NZ Government Covid-19 restrictions. If you cannot find the information you are looking for below, please email us for assistance.



Our standard Terms and Conditions apply, except for the following changes.


Vaccination Certificate Requirements


As per NZ Government policy for hospitality businesses, Hot Water Beach Holiday Park Ltd. Will be required to operate a no jab + no vaccination certificate = no stay policy for all guests, visitors, staff and contractors aged 16 years and over. This policy will apply to the peak season only due to the volume of customers in the park.

The reservation holder is responsible to ensure the entire group in the booking is fully vaccinated and can provide the required proof of NZ Government Digital Vaccination Certificate prior to their stay.

Children under the age of 16 years old at the time of their visit will not be required to show proof of vaccination. If you are unable to get a vaccination for medical reasons, you will be required to show proof of your Government approved exemption.

In addition to the health and safety risks, we respectfully ask you to understand that non-compliance of NZ Government Covid policy results in extensive fines for our business. Your honesty and co-operation will ensure that we can make the most of summer at the beach.


Proof of NZ Government Digital Vaccination Certificate

From late November 2021, the government will be providing eligible New Zealanders with a NZ Government Digital Vaccination Certificate as proof of full vaccination. The Reservation Holder will be required to show this certificate for all eligible guests in your booking party. We expect the following approach to be adopted:

1.      Proof of full vaccination for all guests 16 years+ must be sent by the 17th December 2021. This can also include proof from “my covid record” app.

2.      During your stay you might be requested by a member of the Hot Water Beach TOP10 Holiday Park team to scan your certificate when visiting the fish and chips take away or onsite shop.

Please be assured that all information provided will remain private and secure. Please note, at this stage, the purple card issued at the time of vaccination will not be accepted as proof.


COVID-19 “No Vaccination” | Cancellations

We acknowledge that not everyone wishes to be vaccinated against Covid-19. However, in order to fully operate during peak season, Hot Water Beach TOP10 Holiday Park is bound by NZ Government legislation. If you are not vaccinated and you have a booking with us between the 24th December 2021 and 7th February 2022 and 15th - 18th April 2022, please contact us and you will be entitled for a full cancellation refund. Cancellations will only be accepted via email.



COVID-19 Cancellation Policy due to travel restrictions

For existing Peak Season and Non-Peak Season bookings that cannot proceed due to NZ Government imposed Covid-19 domestic travel restrictions, we will be happy to credit the full amount to your account or alternatively we can provide a full refund. We kindly ask that you give us as much notice as possible of any cancellations.

1.      This supersedes the standard cancellation policy on the booking website and is applicable right up to the arrival date.

2.      This policy only comes into force when the NZ Government notifies of a travel restriction that affects your travel dates.

3.      If you change dates, the rates for the “new” period apply, so there may be a deficit or a credit. We can advise of any differences in price before you make any changes.

4.      Any credit is valid for 6 months from the date of issue and subject to availability.

5.      This does not cover an event cancellation or an unfavourable weather forecast!


Safety Measures

Please see the list of safety measures we will have in place. We ask that you kindly comply with these guidelines. Masks will be available to purchase at reception.

DIGITAL VACCINATION CERTIFICATES | Will be required between the 24th December 2021 – 7th February 2022 for all guests 16 years+.

CONTACTLESS CHECK-IN & CHECK-OUT | Contactless check-in and out can be requested so please advise us in advance.

CONTACTLESS PAYMENT | Paywave is available in our reception and shop.

QR CODE SCANNING | Scanning the QR code and registering all guests, and visitors on arrival at Hot Water Beach TOP10 Holiday Park is mandatory for contact tracing purposes.

SOCIAL DISTANCING | Please follow requests for social distancing and mask-wearing as determined by the alert levels throughout the duration of your stay.

HAND HYGENE | Proper and frequent handwashing and the use of sanitisers will help combat the spread of any viruses. Please use hand sanitisers located around the public facilities.

GUEST ROOMS | We use cleaning and disinfecting protocols to clean rooms after guests depart and before the next guest arrives, with special attention paid to textiles and high-touch surfaces.

SHARED SPACES | We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of our communal areas. High contact points and frequently used communal areas are disinfected several times a day. Disinfectant spray is available to all guests to use in the facility block. We kindly ask you to consider your fellow Park guests and our team by wearing a mask where you are unable to maintain 1-meter social distancing.

RESPECT STAFF | We kindly ask that all guests holidaying at Hot Water Beach TOP10 show respect to all staff by following the guidelines set out in the COVID-19 Policy. We won’t tolerate abusive behaviour towards staff or deliberate non-cooperation.


What to do if you are unwell during your stay?

Should you have any flu or Covid-19 symptoms during your stay, please phone reception on 078663116 or outside office hours contact the Manager on 021557085 immediately for further guidance.


Find out if you can travel

Please find the latest domestic travel information here.


Contact Us

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