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Live Music at the holiday park

Wednesday, 13 February 2019 - 7:00pm

Let’s Go Descarrego! 
Saturday February 2 from 7pm

Is a pairing of two well known musicians, Stewart Pedley and Leo Magri. Their vibrant music draws influence from the long traditions of folk storytelling, Rhythm & Blues, Brazilian percussion, and the New Orleans sound. In the energetic merging of voices, percussion and guitar, Let’s Go Descarrego! tell tales of intriguing incidents, crafty characters, and loves long lost, while feet tap and folks find themselves looking for the dancefloor.

Hot Waves Cafe Friday nights(500m from the holiday Park)
Take a walk down to Hot Waves Cafe on a Friday evening from 6pm for Open Mic night - don't forget your guitar, or any other instrument you may enjoy. 

Saturday March 9 from 7pm
Beach Culcha shares their repertoire of mellow sounds at the holiday park. Bring your picnic blanket and wine along for the evening.




At the Facilities Block in the park

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