Our Vision

Hot Water Beach TOP10 Holiday Park supports the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment and Tiaki Promise. Our vision is to provide our guests with an environment in which they can enjoy and escape the everyday pressures of life. To ensure that we, and our guests are doing all we can to protect the beauty of our area and minimize our carbon footprint through the responsible use and renewal of our resources.

Not only has Hot Water Beach TOP10 made a commitment to continually improve the environmental performance of its business operations, we have also made a commitment to improve the environmental awareness of our staff. We welcome you to help maintain and enhance this park with your families by participating in our environmental initiatives, taking away only memories, and leaving behind only your thoughts. We appreciate your assistance in helping us to protect our beautiful area by actively participating in some of the initiatives we have in place here at Hot Water Beach TOP10.

This beautiful country and all generations after will thank you for the time spent today saving a little more for the future. Manaaki Whenua, manaaki tangata, haere whakamua – Care for the land, care for the people, go forward.

Our Objective

Hot Water Beach TOP10 Holiday Park has created a Sustainability Action Plan as a framework for setting and implementing social and environmental goals, objectives, and actions.

Our Goals
  • Compost 100% of our food and garden waste by 2023.
  • Install solar panels, to generate an estimated 40% of our power renewably by 2025
  • All shop products with reusable, recyclable, or compostable packaging by 2025.
  • Support the achievement of Predator Free Coromandel status by 2030 through trapping programs in the park.
  • Become a Living Wage certified employer by 2025.
  • Reduce our carbon emissions ≥5% per year from 2021. Carbon positive/zero by 2026.
Our Initiatives
  • Using only home compostable bags for our shop and small rubbish bin liners. You may ask for a cardboard box for your groceries if you prefer or simply bring your own bag.
  • We are using only environmentally friendly cleaning products, detergents and washing powders in recyclable packaging.
  • We have timers/restricters on our hot water showers to reduce the use of water. Please appreciate this initiative and only use a 5-minute shower.
  • We recycle the soap and body wash cartridges we provide to our guests. So please either take the soaps home or leave them on the vanity. These will be collected and forwarded to a soap recycling program called “Beyond skin deep”.
  • We compost organic waste from the communal facilities and top end accommodation.
  • We are using LED or solar lightning only in the park. All lights in and around the facility blocks are on sensors.
  • We ask all staff and guests to help maintain our recycling programs by using the appropriate bins for your landfill, plastics 1+2, cans, foodwaste, paper and cardboard.
  • Our glass collection is recycled on site by crushing it and using for building projects.
  • We have a trapping program in place with the goal to create a safe habitat for our native birds. Listen quietly at night and you will hear the Kiwi!
  • We offer fast chargers for our guests with electric vehicles.
  • We promote a safe and healthy working environment that supports individual development, team-working, positive work-life balance, and job satisfaction.
Our Commitment
  • Comply with relevant environmental, public, and occupational health and safety, hygiene and employment legislation and all other applicable legislation and requirements¹.
  • Establishing, promoting, maintaining, and improving a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility by staff, our supply chain, for our customers and broader stakeholders through the adoption of sustainable business practices.
  • Hot Water Beach TOP10 is committed to completing an annual review of sustainable business operating procedures and practices.
  • We commit to track, measure, and report on our sustainability performance with a commitment to continual improvement in these areas⁵.