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Open Space Camping

The Stream Area

This is a large grassy area right next to Taiwawe Stream which is treelined. The Facilities Block, shop and fish & chips are 150m metres away.


The Cabbage Patch 

Find your own secluded campsite in amongst the grassy areas of our mature Cabbage trees. The Facilities Block, shop and fish & chips are 200m metres away.


The Outback

The Outback is a large flat paddock where you can spread yourselves out and sites are not designated. This is specifically a non-powered basic area great for tents of all sizes, as well as vans or motorhomes.
This area is suitable for large families or groups travelling together, so there's plenty of room to spread out the camping gear, bikes, gas BBQ’s - even the boat! 
In the Outback you will be close to 2 portaloos and a 3 minute walk to our brand new second facilities block, where you will find a fully equipped communal kitchen, toilets and showers.
The Outback campers also have access to the camps dumpstation

The Outback is available between 1 December and the end of February.

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