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Sustainability Policy

To provide our guests with an environment in which they can enjoy, and escape the everyday pressures of life.
To ensure that we, and our guests, are doing all we can to protect the beauty of our area and minimise our carbon footprint through recycling and the responsible use and renewal of our resources.
We welcome you to help maintain and enhance this park with your families by participating in
our environmental initiatives, taking away only memories and leaving behind only your thoughts.
We appreciate your assistance in helping us to protect our beautiful area by actively participating in some of the initiatives we have in place here at Hot Water Beach TOP 10 Holiday Park:

  • We are using compostable bags for our shop and rubbish liners. You may help us by paying10c for a compostable bag or you may ask for a cardboard box for your groceries if you prefer.
  • We use only environmentally friendly cleaning products, detergents and washing powders. We do sell a range of these in our shop and we encourage you to use these products as well.
  • We have timers on our showers to limit the use of water, energy and waste. Please appreciate this initiative and only use a 5-minute shower.
  • When cleaning your teeth please do not leave the tap running.
  • Turn the lights off when you are the last to leave a room.
  • Help us maintain our recycling programs by using the appropriate bins for your rubbish, food waste, bottles and plastic.
  • Reuse your plastic bags.
  • We would like to encourage you to either take the soaps home or leave them on the vanity. Our housekeepers will collect and forward to a soap recycling program.
  • All our plastic soap cartridges are recycled and used to manufacture fence posts.
  • Please make yourself at home and consider the environment when you want to visit the beach or facilities; try to leave your vehicle parked on your site and go for a walk instead of a drive.

This beautiful country and all generations after will thank you for the time spent today saving a little more for the future.